Hi-Tec Underpinning

Underpinning Your House or Pool..?


A revolutionary new way to underpin your home or swimming pool -

25% cheaper than traditional methods...


Cost comparison;


Traditional Underpinning

(3 bed town house) - €25,000 incl. IVA


Our System

(3 bed town house) - €19,500 incl. IVA


Plus 10 year guarantee!


Underpinning will protect your home or pool, stabilise and protect your assets for years to come


  • Major reasons for ensuring that your home or swimming pool is properly underpinned:
  • For your own enjoyment: having level floors and windows and doors that work properly and walls freed from cracks.
  • And when you come to sell, having your major asset in good order is esssential for an easy sale, gaining you the best price.
  • Our system is Better Than Concrete Underpinning
  • Our system is similar to keygenerally project duration is from half a day to two days at most.
  • You don't need to move out of your home. Just your furniture and affects need to be removed.
  • Our underpinning requires no excavation, no mess inside your home or out..
  • Our system is at the cutting edge and revolutionary when compared to traditional methods of underpinning.
  • We have the 21st century solution when you need to stabilise your structure.
  • We do not only underpin concrete slab floors! We can underpin, raise and re-level strip footings, raft slabs and ‘Waffle-Pod' slabs, infill slabs and driveways. All are returned to correct levels rapidly with our system.


How to underpin your house footings with our system;



The Method of underpinning footingsusing this system is state-of-the-art and, like the best modern solutions,

it’s SIMPLE: 1,2,3 !


  • Unique, structural, expanding resin is injected into the ground beneath your home through tiny holes (either 6 or 16 mm diameter).
  • Our unique resins expand, to fill any voids and compact any soft ground underpin the footings and then raise the home back to level.
  • Enormous pressure can be exerted and it’s controlled by constant monitoring by laser level.



  • Wall cracks usually close up as the system lifts the foundation back to level. With brickwork then only some re-pointing of mortar joints may be required. With plaster or render walls only some fine patching and repainting may be needed.
  • Windows and doors usually work properly again because the building has been squared up.
  • Gaps between skirting boards and sunken floors also usually close up.
  • Our underpinning for your house footings offers you 9 major advantages over old-fashioned concrete underpinning:
  • There's minimal inconvenience to the household whenour method is employed rather than concrete underpinning.
  • Most residential projects we undertake are completed in only a day or two, sometimes in just a few hours. This compares very favourably with concrete underpinning which typically takes many days if not weeks.
  • So with Advasol underpining there is no need to vacate the premises. Nor is there usually much furniture to move.
  • Concrete underpinning involves excavation and it’s very messy and dirty. But withour method there is no excavation and no weakening of support. There’s no water, no sand or cement dust, no mess.
  • There’s minimal, if any, disturbance to your pathways, lawns or gardens.
  • Our underpining resin injection is done through tiny, unobtrusive holes.
  • Wherever possible work is done from outside, to ensure the least disturbance to the household (using small tubes, just 16mm in diameter).
  • Inside the house injection can be done through even smaller tubes (only 6mm diameter), positioned to be quite unobtrusive, whatever the floor surface.
  • Unlike concrete underpinning, our method is not rigid and does not transfer the load directly to a different stratum of soil - which could cause differential movement between then unequally supported sections of the building, and, if that happens, much new cracking can occur.
  • As well as providing the modern answer to concrete underpinning, where required, weak foundation ground can be strengthened with Deep Injection.




The technology supporting our underpinning system was invented in Finland nearly 30 years ago and is now available in all of the developed nations and most of the developing world… in over 50 countries in total.

WARRANTY materials injected below concrete have been specifically engineered to resist shrinkage or deterioration causing significant settlement, and as such are warranted in strict accordance with the product durability requirements of the applicable Local, State or National Building Code.


Comparison of the different methods of underpinning your house footings


  • How do costs compare between ours sytem & traditional concrete underpinning?


  • If more than just one small corner of the house needs to be raised, our method is usually cheaper than concrete underpinning… and our method is much more convenient!


  • On the other hand, concrete underpinning can be cheaper than our systme underpinning where only one small corner of the house needs to be re-levelled. But concrete underpinning has some other problems, including the potential for cracks to develop in many NEW places in your home, if only one part is concrete underpinned!


  • It is always important to establish the cause of the problem and to take remedial action before correction.



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With second hand properties more affordable than ever before in Spain, it is logical to invest in a kitchen or bathroom upgrade, extension or full reform. Of course, these improvements require an investment and need to be considred. We will help you increase rental bookings, improve the chances of selling your villa or apartment or simply make your home more comfortable for you to enjoy now and into the future.


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